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DC Scandal Throwing Drill

Oct 17, 2011

Quick post-season update

Sorry that I left you all hanging after my latest post.  The short story is that, no my team Renegade did not make it to nationals.  We lost on universe in the game to go to the game to go.  Disappointing, of course.  In our region there were about six well matched teams vying for two spots.  Both spots went to Philly teams:  AMP and Termite's Entourage.

So it is officially post-season for me but I am still a practice player for Scandal.  This coming weekend will be my last practice with them before they go to the big show.  Scandal is a great group of women.  I have learned a ton and laughed a lot with them this season.  I am very much looking forward to following their progress at Nationals.


Learning from the Best

An excellent drill for working on your low release breakmark throws.  Explained here by captain Allison Maddux with some help from Opi:




How to Support and Follow DC Scandal:

1.  You can become a fan on Facebook

2.  I strongly recommend following their highly entertaining Twitter feed @ScandalUltimate courtesy of  Opi

3.  You can buy our sweet jerseys and practice pinnies modeled so well by Allison and Opi in the video above.



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