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Dec 06, 2010

Ok.  So after being partially gimped by my weak calves and totally knocked out by a bad cold last week, I am ready to begin again.

This may, in fact all be for the best.  After Regionals I jumped in too fast, tried to pick up my training where I left off, and that was a mistake.  I needed a longer break than I wanted to admit.  So apparently my body made me take it.

Now I am ready to begin at the beginning.  I am ready to look at my abilities with clear eyes instead of seeing whatever I think  the abilities of a player who just finished the season should be.

Today I went to the weight room after a week long hiatus.  I ran on the treadmill for about 20 minutes.  Nothing spectacular to report today and that's okay.  I'm ecstatic to be healthy and running again.

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