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Fitness by Osmosis?

Jan 28, 2011

As I was doing my core circuit the other day, I couldn't help but notice that two women were chatting in the area next to me.  In the fifteen minutes it took me to do my complete circuit, they did  maybe did one exercise.  I really wonder about people like this.  When they say they're going to the gym, that's literally all they mean.  Going to the gym, hanging out, doing a few things that look sort of like exercise.  For what purpose??  It's as if they hope just being in the building will have some sort of magical effect!

Some activity is better than nothing, so I am glad they're there.  Still if you're going to take the time to go to the gym, why not be fully present in your workout?

I've recently become more acquainted with two MMA (mixed martial arts) guys at my gym (both named Brian, oddly enough).  These guys get it.  They understand the difference between training and just working out. We are friendly.  We say hello and maybe chat a bit about life outside the gym.  Once we get to work though, it's all business.  They don't try to chat me up between sets.  They don't expect me to smile all the time.  And if I'm in the middle of a training session they don't think I'm rude if I don't stop to say hello.

This is what Tim Morrill is talking about when advises players to jam, and to jam hard.  Jamming is not just about turning it on for the big games, it's about going hard and doing it right at every practice and every training session.

Yesterday I was doing high rep low weight single leg work.  This type of workout doesn't look nearly as cool as doing heavy squats, but it is a heckuva lot more difficult.  I was pairing exercises and having little or no rest between sets.  Halfway through my workout one of the Brians started doing an intense barbell circuit nearby.  Suddenly, I fought a little harder for balance on the SLDLs.  I squatted a little deeper in my single leg squat and touch.

After I had sufficiently turned my legs to jello it was time for jump rope training!  Who's bright idea was this anyway?  My legs were surprisingly fine but it was my deltoids that were on fire only two minutes in.  I was not in the mood for this!  I might have wanted to bow out early.  I had already had a hard workout.   But imagining the puddle of sweat accumulating at Brian's feet upstairs made me attack the jumprope and rock the workout extra hard.  Turned out to be a great jam session.  Fitness by osmosis?  Maybe it works after all.

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