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Getting Ready for Winter League!

Jan 14, 2011

Winter league is two weeks away.  Soon, I will categorize all days of the week as days-that-are-Thursday and days-that- are-not-Thursday.

Since it's gotten cold here in Lancaster PA I haven't been doing much cardiovascular work.  This doesn't worry me as much as the fact that I haven't been doing any lateral movement training.  All of my work has been either running or jump rope training.

So that my body will not be totally shocked by stop-and-go movements and my squirrely handler cutting patterns I am now alternating jump rope days with lateral movement days.

Today's lateral movement workout went like this:

  • 5 min jump roping warmup
  • 2 min rest/dynamic stretching

I then stretched my jump rope out on the floor and did 3 repeats of:

  • 30s skater hops, 90s rest
  • 30 s shuffling and touching each end of the jump rope, 90s rest.

I ended with a 2 min jump rope cooldown for a good workout in under 20 minutes.

This workout required only an 8 X 10 ft space in the corner of the gym.  It is a great indoor winter workout! I will admit that I had avoided doing it for awhile because I thought I would feel self conscious.  But after powering through the awkward feeling of the Olympic lifts, and doing goofy-looking core strengthening exercises, I've decided any desire I have to blend in is already a lost cause.  Besides, why not give all those folks walking on the treadmills a good show?

What will you dare to do in the gym this week?

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