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Multidirectional Movement

Nov 22, 2010

Because of my sore calves my weight room session consisted of only upper body exercises today.

For endurance training I went outside and decided to play around with some multidirectional movement interspersed with running.  I performed this workout on grass in cleats.  My workout was similar in philosophy to a structured fartlek run.  Instead of running at different paces, I incorporated different movements that felt familiar to what I might do on the ultimate field.  I don't have proper names for all of the movements I did, but the following list will give you the idea.

Here is what I ended up doing:

  1. 2 min jog
  2. 30 seconds backward skipping/shuffling
  3. 30 seconds jogging
  4. 30 seconds shuffling, changing witch way I was facing every 5-10 steps
  5. 30 s jogging
  6. 30 s running with hips and shoulders perpendicular- as if one were looking over one's shoulder for a disc.
  7. 30 s jogging
  8. 30 s, kind of like marking mixed with forward shuffling.  As if one were approaching the mark.

I repeated something resembling this order until I reached thirty minutes.

I don't think this workout was optimal but it is one I will continue to play around with.  I firmly believe that players need to incorporate more nonlinear movement into their training.  I do a lateral movement workout fairly regularly, but now I'm looking for variety and for a higher volume, lower intensity option.

btw, this workout absolutely destroyed my calves.  I hope this website will teach you how to incorporate good training principles into your workout plans.  This website will also teach you that even people who should know better will still do dumb things.

Multidirectional workout = smart

While calves are already on fire = stupid

I presume that if I had been doing this type of workout a few weeks ago, I might not be having my current calf problems.  This type of workout is definitely a keeper!

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