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Nine non-obvious gift ideas for the ultimate player in your life

books Dec 10, 2010

When the person in question already owns a disc, Ultimate Techniques and TacticsNike Mercurial Vapors, and the latest UltiVillage DVD what is a smart shopper to do?  What follows is a list of ultimate gifts you might not have thought about.


I cannot recommend these first two books highly enough. I have highlighted something on almost every page. Anyone who is serious about creating their own training program will love these.

1. Athletic Development: The Art & Science of Functional Sports Conditioning. by Vern Gambetta

Gambetta has over 40 years of experience coaching athletes at all levels. There is no fluff or filler in this book. Every page contains something important.

2. Optimizing Strength Training: Designing Nonlinear Periodization Workouts. by William J. Kraemer and Steven J. Fleck

This book is written by two highly respected researchers in the field of strength and conditioning.  These are not fitness celebrities you will see on TV or fitness bloggers hawking products.   In addition to an informative history of the field of strength training, this book presents evidence that the traditional model of periodization does not yield the best results in strength gains.

The findings presented in this book are especially relevant to ultimate because of its long season. Traditional periodization is implemented so that an athlete can peak for a certain competition. Peaking at one moment is not possible for athletes with long seasons consisting of many games. This book provides an explanation of how weight training works and how to design a nonlinear periodized program that is better for maintenance and strength gains all season long.

3a. Functional Training for Sports. by Micheal Boyle

A good source for new exercises. Good explanations of current theories in functional training.

3b. His new book is on my Christmas list!

Fitness Equipment

4. Medicine ball

Velocity is the most important factor when doing medicine ball throws. Light weights are recommended for throwing. Here are some rough guidelines to help in your selection.

athlete's weight –> medicine ball weight

100-135 lb = 2-3 lbs

135-175 lb = 4-5 lbs

175-200 lb = 4-7 lbs

200-250 = 6-9 lbs

Keep in mind these are guidelines and your needs may be different.  When in doubt, go lighter and throw harder.

Choose a ball that bounces for throwing against walls.  Choose a softer ball for throwing with a partner.

5. Jump Rope

Can't be beat for a cheap, yet thoughtful gift!

6. Plyometrics boxes

Stackable steel boxes can be bought for under $100!


7. socks!

For a gift that can be both cheap and life changing got with high quality socks. I am a big fan of Nike Dri-fit socks. They are comfortable and they stay put. Should be $5-$8 per pair.

Do it yourself

8. Emergency car kit

Show you care by creating an “emergency” car kit of non-perishable carbohydrates and protein. Don't let your loved one arrive at practice with a fear of bonking! Don't let her leave the parking lot without proper recovery. A tupperware container with some gatorade powder, a jar of peanut butter, and a spoon will do the trick when necessary.

9.  1000 words

Frame a large picture of your loved one in an ultimate action shot.  This is something that every player wants but feels too self conscious to make for themselves.

and more...

What are your great gift ideas?   What's the best (or worst!) gift you've ever received from an ultimate player?  Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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