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One Year of The Ultimate Athlete Handbook

Feb 27, 2013

Today marks the one year anniversary of the publishing of The Ultimate Athlete Handbook.

To celebrate, the Skyd Store is offering a package discount when you buy both The Ultimate Athlete Handbook and Raise Your Game.  Two great ebooks for $20.  Reading and applying the concepts in these books is a great way to get your season started off right!  Click on the link below to get $5 off.

I will never get tired of the thrill of meeting athletes who have read the book and applied its concepts.  It's amazing to me that readers all over the world have benefited from my book.  It's also pretty cool that The Ultimate Athlete Handbook has remained the top selling item in the Skyd Store all year long!

I want to thank you all so much again for your support since I began this blog in 2010.  As my audience you guys shaped the e-book by letting me know through your comments and emails what was important to you and what more you needed to know.

Here's just a quick video I made this evening with a few reflections and thanks to those who helped make The Ultimate Athlete Handbook possible:


Click here to purchase The Ultimate Athlete Handbook AND Raise Your Game at the discounted rate!

Thanks so much for your support over the years.  Even if you never buy the e-book, I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog, the 25 Tips emails, and everything else.  Best of luck in your training this season!  Hope to see you on the field soon!

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