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Perfecting Your Program Design: 3 Part Video Series

Jan 11, 2013

So I'm back in the US where I recently enjoyed both Christmas and the flu (one was a lot more fun than the other).  And I've also been working hard getting The Ultimate Athlete Project ready for a new round of members.  We're opening Monday!!!

If you're interested in learning more about The Ultimate Athlete Project, I've created a three part video series where I explain principles of program design.  These are the same principles of program design I use in The Ultimate Athlete Project.  Even if you're not interested in joining, perhaps especially if you're not interested in joining, you should watch the videos.  If you want to start training smarter than 90% of the ultimate playing population, these videos are for you!  

The videos will be available only until Monday when The Ultimate Athlete Project opens again.  You can watch them today and all weekend at

Ready to take the next step?  Sign-up for my 6 week Sprint-Agility-Quickness program!

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