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Top Five Articles by Other Ultimate Players

May 25, 2011

The end of May marks six months of blogging about my training.  To celebrate, to highlight some of my older content, and to share other resources I read and like, I've been running a series of "Top Five" posts.


Top Five Articles by Other Ultimate Players

Selected from articles written online in the past six months

Narrowing it down to only five was extremely difficult.  I'd imagine your top five might be very different.

So much information is available online it's easy to have content go in one eyeball and out the other.  The following articles stayed with me for a few days.  Some resonated with me because they presented familiar ideas and spoke my language.  Others gave me new ways of looking at old concepts. Enjoy!


The Best Advice I Ever Got - Rob McLeod

Game IQ: Recognizing Patterns and Trends -Tyler Kinley

The Zone - Ben Van Heuvelen

What's Useful in the World of Ultimate Statistics - Joaquin Nagle

Inner Game: Words are Worthless - Lou Burruss


What are the best things you've read lately?


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