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Tryout Update

Jun 10, 2011

As we enter club season, this blog will continue to be about my training rather than about my team.  Still you guys should at least know who I'm playing for.  I mentioned that I was going through tryouts in a few of my posts last month.

When I began this blog I assumed I would be playing for Blue Route again this year.  Blue Route was a first year women's team from Philly and we were eliminated in the game to go to nationals last season.  Unfortunately, Blue Route disbanded at the end of April.  Since then, I have been trying out for Scandal from DC who placed sixth at nationals last year.  I did not make the team but I will be practicing with them.   I am still not sure who, if anyone, I'll be playing with for the club series.  Needless to say, this is all a bit... disappointing.   And it has not been good for my training or my motivation.

Nevertheless, I will continue to document my training to finish out the year.   I will still be playing in tournaments with somebody.   I still have to survive and thrive during four hour weekend practices.   I still want to be quicker, faster, stronger.  In that sense, nothing has changed and so my training schedule will remain the same.  The season ain't over yet.  I plan to be in peak physical condition for whatever opportunity presents itself.

Thank you all again for reading Melissa's Ultimate Fitness.   This project is among the many reasons I have to continue to take my training seriously despite the fact that my season is not turning out at all as planned.

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