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Ultimate Athlete Project is OPEN!

Jan 15, 2013

In case you have not heard of it before, The Ultimate Athlete Project is a website I started last January with the goal of helping ultimate players to reach their full athletic potential.  So many people leave so much on the table because they lack an organized long term plan for their training.  The Ultimate Athlete Project solves this problem by giving athletes strength and conditioning workouts that progress from off season strength and power development to pre-season conditioning in a way that makes sense.

Most athletes are used to working hard but they don't know how to work smart.  The Ultimate Athlete Project allows the athlete to not have to think about their training but just show up and do the work.   So, if you've been a regular reader of Melissa's Ultimate Fitness and are looking for an easy way to put all of the training principles I talk about into practice, you will LOVE The Ultimate Athlete Project.

The main benefits my athletes are reporting are huge increases in strength, power, and in the ability to play a lot more without feeling so beat up.

Sign up here, and get started immediately!

Here are what just a few of my athletes have said about their experience this past year:

"After a few weeks of the Ultimate Athlete Project, all I could think was "Why did I never do this before?!" All the seasons of college and grad school ultimate without focused weightlifting were wasted opportunities for improvement. I feel so much more confident that I am doing what I can to prevent injuries and getting stronger in the process."

Juliana Williams, Seattle WA

"As a coach for the Indianapolis AlleyCats, I am asked by all types of ultimate players for workout recommendations. I always recommend the Ultimate Athlete Project. The workouts and professional feedback are great. The UAP is a great resource for the Ultimate community."

Michael Potter - Indianapolis Alley Cats

“Thanks Melissa! The journey with the Ultimate Athlete Project has been amazing for me, I've been playing ultimate for years but never specifically tailored my gym time to ultimate, (I come from a swimming background), and I started to notice a difference after just a few weeks. It's been great so far and I look forward to the winter season.”

“I can't tell you how amazing this site has been. The progress I've made since January is unbelievable, and I can't wait until our season really kicks into gear. As long as the Ultimate Athlete project exists, I'll always be a member. You can count on it.“
~ Chris Cosgrove

"As an aging ultimate player I love the UAP because it helps me get to the gym with having to think about what to do. I just print up my sheets and get to work. If I want to see how to do something I can watch on my phone at the gym. If I have any questions I get quick responses from Melissa and other players in the program.  At the end of last season I felt more athletic than I had in years. And I am getting stronger now in the off season. And I was injury free for the first time in 3 years."
~ Mike Moren  - Portland TireFire 

This is the prime time to sign up if you are a club player looking to get ready for tryouts.  Actually, I've got players in the website who have been preparing for the upcoming season since September.  But it's not too late for you!  You will still get in several months of serious strength and conditioning training before tryouts and tournaments start up.  You can sign up this week at

Here's a quick tour of the website so you can see for yourself how awesome it is:



The website is open for new members until Friday.  It's only $15/month and you can cancel at any time.  If you're willing to put in the work, you can expect increases in strength, power, and durability.  AND because I want this decision to be easy for you, if you sign up today (by midnight PST) I will even send you a FREE Ultimate Athlete Project arm sleeve like the ones shown below:

show off your strength, speed, and style on the field!

I'd love to have you join us in the website. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask in the comments below!  If you're ready to get started on your most athletic season yet, just click here!

Ready to take the next step?  Sign-up for my 6 week Sprint-Agility-Quickness program!

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