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Circuit training as an indoor workout

strength endurance strength training Feb 09, 2011

About two weeks ago I finished up my phase which was focusing on Olympic lifts.  Later in the year I'd like to do another round of Olympic lifting under supervision and move more weight.

This month I'm changing my training emphasis toward building up some work capacity with circuit training.  I wish I could say this decision was part of a well planned progression in training.  Honestly it's more because I'm in search of some interesting things to do while I'm stuck indoors.  This phase will last about four weeks through the month of February or whenever it gets warm enough to go to the track again.  Primarily I will be developing strength endurance and power endurance.  The exercises in this circuit are full body exercises that have a lot in common with the Olympic lifts I've been doing.  One phase of training is blending naturally into the next.

My circuits consist of three exercises:

  1. Alternating dumbell high pulls (30 lb dumbbells) (I'm doing this single arm)
  2. High pull to press (20 lb) (The video is actually a clean and press.  Similar motion,  I just don't go to the floor.  Also, I do this with two arms, not single arms)
  3. Squat to press (15 lb)

I alternate 30 s of work doing as many reps as possible with 30 s of rest.

Last week I repeated this circuit three times.  Yesterday I went through the circuit four times.  This is definitely a challenging workout.

I am doing this circuit three times per week.  After a four minute break I do some jump rope intervals.  Days of the week when I'm not doing the circuit I do some pulling and pressing upper body exercises and jump rope training or a lateral movement workout.  I am also still doing core work every day but have cut down on the volume a bit.

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