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Fitness Testing May: vert, mile, 300 meters

fitness testing Jun 06, 2011

I've been fairly terrible at doing regular fitness testing.  Perhaps I was traumatized by my last testing experience in January.


My vertical is now 22 inches.  This is exactly the same as at this time last year and one inch higher than last time I tested in February.  I expected it to be a little better considering I've been doing some low level plyos.  The purpose of those was to get ready to do higher intensity plyometrics.  Still, of course hoped for some training effect.

Timed Mile

  • November = 7 min 23 seconds
  • January = 7 minutes 34 seconds
  • May = 7 minutes 31 seconds

I think all this means is that my cardiovascular endurance has not decreased despite doing very little general conditioning.  About what I expected.

300 meters

Friday I tested my 300 m sprint.  This was done on the track in sneakers.

  • March = 57 seconds
  • Dec = 57 seconds
  • May = 54 seconds

I have no real idea but I think three seconds is a pretty good improvement.  This is only the third time I've tried this test so most of my improvement is likely due to just learning how to pace myself for a 300.

Overall I'm pretty much holding steady on these tests.

I'll be doing my other tests as soon as I can find a day and a partner to help out.  Honestly, I'm not really looking forward to them.  I don't think I'm going to like what I see.  Though I was doing some low-moderate level plyometrics, I am doubting those are going to make a significant difference in my agility and I've gotten a bit off track in my training for the past few weeks.  This is the blessing and curse of testing.  There's no way to hide from the stopwatch.  Do I want to be slow and not know it or slow and know about it and fix it?  The first option is easier.  The second option makes you better.


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