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Fitness testing in the bleak midwinter: T-test, 40, and sprint fatigue

fitness testing sprint fatigue test t test Jan 05, 2011

Today I braved the cold to repeat the T-test and the sprint fatigue test.   Testing conditions were not ideal.  The temperature was around 36 degrees and by the time we were done with the sprint fatigue test, it was nearly dark.  The ground was not frozen, but it certainly wasn't as soft as in the November tests.  Toes were occasionally numb.

All tests were performed on grass in cleats.

This is our testing setup

Yep, just a lot of cones!

sprint fatigue and t-test setup

And this is my fitness testing partner, Becky

As you can see from this photo, it is cold, it is dark, Becky is awesome, and she is a fan of The Bears.

Becky, my fitness testing partner

I figured I would probably not perform as well on these test now as I did near the end of the season.  Totally logical. Knowing it, and actually seeing your own numbers drop are completely different.  So of course I'm a little bummed, but here are my results:


(the course is in meters)

12.7 seconds (12.1 s in November)

Sprint Fatigue Test

times in seconds

  1. 7.38
  2. 8.21
  3. 8.57
  4. 7.65
  5. 9.02
  6. 9.30
  7. 9.34
  8. 9.60
  9. 9.68
  10. 9.32

Difference between fastest and slowest = 2.3s     (was 1.3 seconds in November)

Sprint Fatigue = 84% = average     (90% in November = excellent)

Last time I did the sprint fatigue test I was surprised by how easy it was.  Mostly because I expected it to feel very difficult.   Today it felt very difficult because I expected it to be no big deal.  Last time I did the test, the movements felt very natural.  The zig-zag felt very familiar and ultimate-like.   I felt like I was just cutting.  Today I did not feel nearly as coordinated.  Strange how quickly your body forgets things.

40 yard sprint

This was my first measurement post-season.  My fastest time today was 6.32 seconds out of three trials.  The only other time I measured my 40 was in March on a track.  My time then was 6.54 seconds.

I have no idea what my 40 times mean and neither does Google.   I'll be looking forward to hearing more from Tim Morrill and his athlete benchmarks for ultimate. If you ever see Tim at a tournament, please let him test you!

If you've done any of these tests yourself, please share below!

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