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Fitness testing in the bleak midwinter: T-test, 40, and sprint fatigue fitness testing sprint fatigue test t test

Today I braved the cold to repeat the T-test and the sprint fatigue test.   Testing conditions were not ideal.  The temperature was around 36 degrees and by the time we were done with the sprint fatigue test, it was nearly dark.  The ground was not frozen, but it... more!
T-test and Sprint Fatigue Test fitness testing sprint fatigue test t test

Sunday I did two more fitness tests.  I performed the T-test and the sprint fatigue test.  The T-test is a fairly common tests that is supposed to measure agility.  It has been run by many athletes so there is a lot of data to which you can compare yourself.  The sprint... more!
Fitness Testing: what are the relevant options? fitness testing sprint fatigue test t test timed mile vertical

Here is a list of the fitness tests I'll be using to measure my progress this year:

  1. timed mile
  2. 30 m sprint fatigue test
  3. t test
  4. 40 yard sprint time
  5. 300 meter sprint time
  6. standing vertical

This is my rationale for each test:

timed mile:  The main reason for doing this test is because it's... more!