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How to get it all done: your in season training plan

training log Jul 21, 2011

Program planning in the off season is relatively easy. You can choose a training emphasis, go to the gym on a regular basis, plan your training with adequate recovery, and make steady progress.

In season it's all too easy for plans to go awry. Training and recovery now have to consider tournaments, summer league games, and time for working on skills.

In mid-May I wrote a post on Mackey's blog about my program plan for my speed training block. At that time, my main priority was speed training  Now my priorities include plyometrics, agility drills, and skills work.

I have to plan my plyos and agility for days when I won't be overly fatigued.  Simultaneously, I've got to maintain the strength and work capacity I gained in the off season.

Here is this week's training plan:

Monday: plyometrics/agility, pulling practice, lifted heavy

Tuesday: defense drills, summer league game

Wednesday: throwing practice, light lifting

Thursday: plyometrics/agility, pulling practice, shuttle runs

Friday: throwing practice, possibly a light general conditioning session

Saturday: round robin tournament

Sunday: recovery workout (maybe just casual throwing or pickup)


This is a good week. I'll admit sometimes it doesn't go quite so smoothly.  Last week I only got to the weight room once and had a day where I didn't do anything at all (not a planned rest day).

As I said on Mackey's blog, knowing your priorities ensures you get the important stuff done.  Being flexible means you can take advantage of an unexpected throwing partner or ease up when you sense you're not recovering between workouts.


How are you organizing your in season training?  Do you have a plan?


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