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Jump rope training update

jump rope training Jan 24, 2011

Since mid December I've been experimenting with jump rope training.  The first week I really just practiced jump roping and did other things for cardio. Slowly I increased the amount of jump rope training I was doing.

I am now using jumping rope as a conditioning workout three times per week.  I am not, unfortunately, following any particular program.   After perusing the internet a bit, I didn't find any programs I liked that seemed adequate to replace my treadmill runs as a cardiovascular workout.

My jumprope workouts are not extremely structured but the general idea is that I'm doing intervals of about 30 s work and 30 s rest for about 20 minutes.  For my 30s work, I rotate through the different types of jumps I can do with some proficiency.

My typical jump rope workout looks like this

  • 2 min bounce step, 30 s rest
  • 30 s double unders (usually I do two singles between every double), 30s-1min rest (If I'm successful at multiple double unders it's very tiring!)
  • 30 s skier's jump, 30 s rest
  • 30 s bell jump, 30 s rest
  • 30 s forward straddle, 30 s rest
  • 30 s, half twist jumps, 30 s rest
  • 30 s, side straddle, 30 s rest
  • 30 s, 1 leg hops (alternating 10 on right leg, 10 on left), 30 s rest
  • and then I repeat the whole thing.

Check out the jump rope institute for explanations of most of the jumps, or watch this guy..

I'm fairly lax about the exact times as I often screw up before 30 seconds.  Or sometimes I'll allow myself to jump longer on certain types of jumps.  Sometimes I'll rest longer or shorter.   I prefer not to over-think my cardio so I most likely continue this pattern until I stop seeing improvements.

Right now it feels good.  I'm recovered between sessions and I'm noticing my jumping feels more fluid or is faster every session.

I would recommend getting started with jump rope training by playing around with a few types of jumps and progressing at your own pace.  I would not recommend jumping straight into the program above.  It's offered as one example of how you could structure your jump rope training once you become proficient in jumping.  It may take awhile for your feet to get used to this type of work.  Take your time with your progression, listen to your body, and have some fun!

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