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Lateral Movement Workout

Sep 23, 2011

This post is an updated my previous post about my favorite lateral movement workout.  In that video I briefly explained the workout and did a short demo.


What follows is the exact version of the lateral movement workout I did this week:

I did three exercises in a circuit:

  1. skater hops
  2. shuffles
  3. short shuttles

Each exercises was performed for 30 seconds at full intensity followed by 60 seconds of rest.  I went through the circuit three times.

I am showing you the last of the three circuits.  There is enough recovery for my last set to be as explosive as my first.  This is important.  Sloppy form on this kind of stuff could easily lead to a turned ankle or worse.

This is primarily a power endurance workout.  But if you have any doubts about its positive affect on my cardiovascular system, just listen to my breathing as I turn off the camera in video #3.


1.  skater hops



2. shuffles



3.  short shuttles




How to start:

If you want to do this type of workout, start with a lot less.  As I mentioned in my first video, I started with 4 repetitions of skater hops.  30 seconds of work and 90 seconds of rest.  And that was it.


Is that all?

Nope.  After I completed this workout, I went straight into a multidirectional movement workout.  I will show you the complete multidirectional movement workout next week.  If you have not yet subscribed to Melissa's Ultimate Fitness, why not do it now so you don't miss anything! (It's the "Posts" link in the upper right of the blog.  go get it!)


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