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The day after: What to do post-tournament

training log Apr 18, 2011

This past weekend I was at the Beth Coltman Memorial tournament and many of you were most likely at Conferences.  What should an athlete do the day after an event as grueling as a two day tournament?

You may be tempted to lie on the couch and eat ice cream (ok, I'm tempted to do that every day) but your body is meant to move.  Every day.

While I no longer get sore after tournaments, It's still best to let the body recuperate.  Clearly a hard workout is not the best idea the Monday after.

What you want is a low intensity workout.  Some folks like long steady state work on recovery days.  I choose to do similar movements as my normal workouts but at lower intensity and lower volume.  I do not like long slow steady state runs because of the limited hip range of motion.  I choose to move my joints through a full range of motion in a dynamic warm up and do some slightly faster running.

Today's workout

Today I did intervals at 70% of a sprint.  I didn't bother keeping track of exact times or distances.  The purpose of the workout was to get moving, get blood circulating, and fill my lungs.  I did this workout on grass in sneakers.  Ten minutes in, I took off my shoes and ran barefoot for the last ten minutes of intervals.

Total workout time = 35 minutes.  Results = feeling excellent.


How are you feeling post-tournament?

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