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Top Five Most Ridiculous Things Said to Me by Men at the Gym

May 31, 2011

The end of May marks six months of blogging about my training.  To celebrate, to highlight some of my older content, and to share other resources I read, I’ve been running a series of “Top Five” posts.

Today is the last round of "Top Five" posts and then it's back to our regularly scheduled programming.  I hope you've enjoyed it my lists and found some new resources.

Today's Top Five is just for fun.  I am sure I'm not the only woman with a list like this...

Top Five Most Ridiculous Things Said to Me by Men at the Gym

Number 5:  "You're working pretty hard.  You know that machine can help you, right?"

Seems like the more fit I get, the more I need advice from random older men.  I must be getting dumber as I get stronger.  Admittedly this one was partially my fault.  It was before I could complete a full pull-up and I was trying again (on the assisted pull-up machine rigged not to assist me) at the end of my upper body workout.  So yes, I was working hard and not being unsuccessful.  My bad!  I guess I should stick to the five pound purple dumbbells instead.

Number 4:  "Saw you downtown the other day.  You look good on the outside."

Huh?  And here I thought I was beautiful on the inside.  bummer.

Number 3:  "Woah, you do pushups like a boy"

Guys, I know you're trying to be nice.  But comparing a grown woman to a teenage male is not going to be received as a compliment.  Besides, I do my pushups with excellent form and with a full range of motion.  Most decidedly NOT like a boy.

Number 2:  "You look like you've lost weight... Don't worry, you still look good though."

Can't please everyone!  Actually, I kinda like this one.  I disagree with the popular assumption that weighing less always equals looking better.  Also I didn't lose weight to look good, I lost it to enhance my ultimate performance.

And we have a winner!

Number 1:  "You're so quiet.  You're too serious.  You should smile."

Now, I am not against smiling per se.  I've been known to smile as often as once a fortnight.  However, smiling does not properly set the mood for destroying a heavy back squat.  Prettily smiling and explosive lifts, I have found, are also mutually exclusive.  Unfortunately some people still perceive women and serious lifting as mutually exclusive.  Thank goodness this does not apply to any of you, my wonderful readers.


Thanks for making the past six months a lot of fun!

Good luck in all of your training and I hope to see you on the field soon!


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