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Top Five Posts June-August

uncategorized Sep 11, 2011

Since you guys enjoyed the Top Five Posts from my six month anniversary I figured why wait another six months.  Here are the Top Five posts from the past three months:


Top Five Posts on Melissa's Ultimate Fitness

June through August according to pageviews

5.  Inspiration is for Amateurs

4.   Proper Progression in Plyos:  Stick the Landing

3.  How to get it all done:  your in-season training plan

2.  How to maintain and build strength in season in two hours or less

and your favorite...

1.  Plyometrics:  Three mistakes that increase your risk of injury


And in case you missed them...

A post I'm quite happy with that were published elsewhere:

1.  Train Like an Animal on Skyd Magazine


Thanks so much for reading, subscribing and commenting!  It's been another great three months!  You guys are the reason I do this and I appreciate your support!


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