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Future Topics: April

uncategorized Mar 21, 2011

I hope for this blog to be a good mix of theory and practice. In addition to talking a little bit about what I’m doing, I’ll be posting about strength and conditioning theory. What I choose to talk about will be influenced by what’s currently in my training schedule.

Prior topics: Circuit training (Feb/March)

For the past month or so I've been doing weighted circuit training. These are some of the ciruit workouts I did:

In February I had an excellent visit with Tim Morrill and an awesome present from Colin McIntyre.

Because of a minor calf catastrophe I've learned to incorporate some soft tissue work into my routine.  Unfortunately, I find soft tissue work useful but boring.  Maintenance will be an ongoing struggle.


Future Topics:  Speed and Plyometrics!

It's starting to get warm out and I'm excited about training outside again! I'm going to take two or three weeks to do some tempo intervals and remind myself how to run again. I will be alternating linear interval days with lateral days.

In April I'm going to work on top speed training and I'll be working on my vertical jumping skills with some plyometrics.

No doubt, some of you will be wondering why i'm doing plyos now instead of closer to Regionals so I'll fill you in on my current theories of periodization and program design.

Topics I'll be blogging about in April:

  • top speed training
  • plyometrics. how much is too much?
  • plyometrics. what are the prerequisites?
  • my current opinions on periodization and program design


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