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training log Jun 22, 2011

In my most recent post I admitted to feeling disappointing in how this season is shaping up.  I admitted it has affected my motivation.  I admit that I still feel a little dazed and confused- not sure who or what I'm training for.  I cannot, however, admit to missing a workout. Hasn't happened.  Perhaps I'm not winning all the workouts, attacking them with gusto, looking forward to them, and dreaming about them.  I am, however, still showing up.  Even surprising myself and winning some of them too.

Just like you, I have days when I argue with myself about doing my daily training sessions.

Monday was one of those days.  I can't claim to have won the argument.  I did not want to go to the track.  I could not think of a single good reason to go to the track.  The frustrated part of my brain claims that I don't even need to be this fit anymore.

Still, I put on my sneakers for two reasons

1.  Every training session is part of a larger plan

When you have an organized plan, you can't just skip a workout.  Every training session is related to all the others.  Deciding to skip a workout is also deciding to modify your plan for the week.  Monday was a light interval day to recover from the weekend and maintain general fitness.  Skipping might not be a disaster except that I've scheduled vertical plyometrics on Tuesdays.  I find that a day off leaves me feeling sluggish the day after.  Not what you want on a plyo day.  No point in ruining two workouts for temporary grumpiness.

2. At some point I started believing I am an athlete

It's not that I feared skipping a workout would catapult me into couch potato land.  But really, what would I be saying to myself if I were to skip a workout for no reason?  I am not working out to feel good and look better.  I am training for a sport because I am an athlete.  It does take a mental shift to decide to define oneself this way.  Honestly, it took awhile for me to get to this point.  But now this temporary malaise is not enough to convince me I don't deserve the label.  An an athlete does not skip a training session just 'cause she doesn't feel like going. That's just impossible.


Feelings and inspiration are temporary.

Goals, plans, and your decision to train like an athlete are permanent.  The former may be good for movies and halftime talks.  The latter is what will sustain you when things aren't going your way.


I Hope your training is going well and going consistently!


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