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Junk in the Trunk

agility training principles Mar 31, 2011

I am slowly building a portable gym.   Not by design.  I'm just kind of lazy about cleaning out my car.  Tonight it's supposed to snow, but last time it was warm (in February!) I decided to take inventory of all the exercise equipment in my car.


 is this what I need to be a better athlete?


The Inventory

  • One vertical jump tester (some assembly required)
  • a found barbell
  • one recovered gymnastics I thought might be fun for layout practice
  • one aerobic step (overpriced and kinda useless)
  • two medicine balls
  • a yoga mat
  • sneakers
  • cones
  • a lifting belt
  • cleats
  • discs
  • and uh... roller skates.


So how much fitness equipment does an ultimate player really need?

I'd recommend the following:

 that'll do


This is all you need for training.  Never let a lack of fancy toys stand in your way.  With less equipment you may have to think a little harder.  But you don't need parachutes, ladders, TRXs, futuristic footware, or expensive laser timers to make yourself into a better athlete.

You do need preparation, a plan, and some discipline.


When it's warm again, these cones will become my most used tool for agility training.  Stay tuned...



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