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Lateral Movement Workouts: the Secret of my Success agility endurance training principles

About a week ago I promised to tell you the five biggest changes I made to my training program last year.    You can read all about those five changes that revolutionized my training on Skyd magazine.


I want to elaborate a bit on 4. Alternating days of linear and... more!
Lateral Movement Introductory Plyos agility training log

In my training at least half of my sessions emphasize lateral and multidirectional movement. In a multi-sprint sport with a lot of sharp cutting, if you're only training in a straight line you're setting yourself up for injury at worst or sub-optimal performance at best.  I apply this... more!
Junk in the Trunk agility training principles

I am slowly building a portable gym.   Not by design.  I'm just kind of lazy about cleaning out my car.  Tonight it's supposed to snow, but last time it was warm (in February!) I decided to take inventory of all the exercise equipment in my car.


 is this what I need to... more!