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Sample Plyometric Workout 2

plyometrics training log Sep 13, 2011

First things first: do NOT blindly copy this workout!  Please read Plyometrics: Three Mistakes that Increase Your Risk of Injury before starting any plyo program.  This workout is presented for informational purposes only.


Before doing a plyometric workout, I do a thorough dynamic warmup. Prancing, galloping, pogos are excellent pre-plyo warm up exercises.

I might also do some footwork drills as a transition between the warmup and the workout.

Here is a footwork drill that I like a lot:

Especially with a tall cone, it is surprisingly more difficult than it looks.



20 seconds per foot- count ground contacts and try to beat it next time.

Good for and hip flexor action and body control.  I can also feel this in my core.  It's not an exercise I see used commonly.  Not sure why.  Either the rest of the world has decided it's useless, or it's a special-secret training method between you and me.


The Workout

1. Single leg tuck jumps

Trying to get the knee up as high as possible, landing with control on the same foot.

3 sets 4 reps each foot


2.  Lateral stadium bound

one of my favorites!

3 sets 5 reps each foot


3.  Single leg bench pushoffs

3 sets 5 reps each foot



4.  Zig-zag Heiden hops

3 sets of 6


5.  Double leg bounds

trying to get up and forward with minimal ground contact time

2 sets 5 reps


Ground contact count:

  1. single leg tuck jumps:  3 sets X 4 reps = 12 contacts/foot
  2. lateral stadium bounds:  3 sets X 5 reps = 15 contacts/foot
  3. single leg bench pushoffs: 3 sets X 5 reps = 15 contacts
  4. zig-zag heiden hops: 3 set X 6 reps = 9 contacts/foot
  5. double leg bounds: 2 sets X 5 reps = 10 contacts

total = 61 ground contacts for the workout


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Sample Plyometric Workout

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