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How talking about plyometrics is like talking to teenagers about sex plyometrics

This will be my tenth post on the blog that mentions plyometrics. Every time I post about plyos, I wonder if it's the right thing to do. I feel a bit uncomfortable. Are people going to follow my advice or just be encouraged to do plyometrics with reckless abandon? This argument in my head sounds... more!
Sample Plyometric Workout 2 plyometrics training log

First things first: do NOT blindly copy this workout!  Please read Plyometrics: Three Mistakes that Increase Your Risk of Injury before starting any plyo program.  This workout is presented for informational purposes only.


Before doing a plyometric workout, I do a thorough... more!
Sample plyometric workout plyometrics training log

Before doing a plyometric workout, do a thorough dynamic warmup.  I also do prancing, galloping, pogos as excellent pre-plyo warm up exercises.


The Workout

1.  Squat Jumps

Multiple jumps with the aim of max height and minimal ground contact time.


2 sets 5 reps

2. ... more!
Plyometrics: three mistakes that increase your risk of injury plyometrics

Mistake number 1:  Skipping the prerequisites

Plyometric training shouldn't be done in isolation, but as part of a complete training program that includes strength training.  You don't need to be able to squat a certain amount, but you do need to have a basic level of... more!
Proper Progression in Plyos: box jumps plyometrics


These drills separate jumping into its separate components, the up part, and the down part.

The key to both of these drills is landing with your knees no more bent than when you took off.


First:  jumping up onto an object

The value of jumping onto objects is that is minimizes... more!
Proper Progression in Plyos: Stick the Landing plyometrics

I finally bought myself a camera. Hopefully this mean more video demos to come...

I've been promising to talk about plyos and agility drills for awhile now.
So first up:

An intro to plyometrics

Players tend to injure themselves in plyometric programs by committing one of to two basic mistakes.... more!
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