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Waiting on Perfection (of the Ninja variety) plyometrics training principles

So I was doing my zig-zag Heiden and stick tonight as part of my lateral plyo module and something clicked.  I landed like a ninja. An explosive, silent, and perfectly one legged balanced killer.  Thrilling!

My first lateral plyo post was April 6th.  At that point I was very... more!
Plyometrics: Update and Equipment Options plyometrics

I'm in the middle of a phase of introductory plyometrics.   I have 2 linear and 2 lateral days of plyos per weeks.  Each session involves 33 ground contacts for a total of 132 ground contacts per week.


In the first phase of plyometrics I was focused only on jumping... more!
Friday's complete workout: putting training components in order core strength plyometrics strength training training log training principles

I don't post the details of every workout I do on this blog because that would get very boring very quickly.  However, Friday's training session is a good example of how to incorporate different components of training into one workout session in a logical order so I'll post it in full.

As... more!
Starting Plyos and Speed Work plyometrics speed training log training principles

Hallelujah it's finally warm!  Today I did some plyometric work and top speed training outside

From now until mid-May my primary focus will be on speed, agility, and plyometrics. This does not mean that I'll be doing agility workouts every day.  It means that I plan my other workouts so... more!
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