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Reevaluating Training Choices: Speed Training yes or no? speed

Tryouts were this weekend

Overall I was a little disappointed in my athletic performance.  I was not feeling as quick and explosive as I would have liked.  I'm not sure if this was a mental issue and I just didn't bring my A-game.   Or it may have been a physical issue. Maybe I... more!
Mental Toughness: Bored to Banshee in 15 Seconds or Less speed training log

I did my typical sprint workout on Tuesday as follows:  linear plyos, sprinters starts, 40 yard sprints with complete recovery.  My workout was done on grass in cleats.  Sprints were on a slight incline.

Unlike previous speed days, I wasn't doing pulling practice between... more!
Starting Plyos and Speed Work plyometrics speed training log training principles

Hallelujah it's finally warm!  Today I did some plyometric work and top speed training outside

From now until mid-May my primary focus will be on speed, agility, and plyometrics. This does not mean that I'll be doing agility workouts every day.  It means that I plan my other workouts so... more!