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Begin your workout with a core circuit

abdominals core core circuit core training frisbee ultimate Dec 09, 2010

Today after I practiced my mad jump rope skills I began my workout with a core circuit.

Because core strength is so important, I place it at the front of the workout.  I like the added benefit of being able to "feel" what my core is doing when I do a sprint workout following a core circuit.

To create a core circuit  I choose 3-5 exercises trying to work in different planes of motion.  I choose at least one isometric exercises and  one rotational exercise.  I go through three circuits with no rest and I do core circuits 3-4 days per week.

Today's circuit was

  1. stir the pot - these are hard.  I can do only 6-8 each direction.
  2. stability ball Russian twist - 12 reps each side.  I am honestly still trying to figure this one out.  I have held 5-25 lbs while doing this exercise.  Sometimes it feels like it's doing what it should, and sometimes it doesn't.  I still do it occasionally anyway.  I have found in my experience that some core exercises will feel useless for awhile until they suddenly "click" when your body figures out what they're for.  Not my first choice, but maybe you'll understand it better than I do.
  3. oblique bridge leg raise - 10 reps each side
  4. V-ups -12 reps

Your circuit

Keep in mind that I have been doing core circuits for quite some time.  Today's circuit may not be a good one to start with since I've picked some more advanced exercises.  If you are just beginning, pick three ab exercises you know and do your circuits three times a week on non-consecutive days.

You can find out how to do a million and one (or just 61) core exercise on the internet.  Incorporate new exercises, as you progress.

Learn some exercises that focus on stability.  Learn exercises in different planes of motion.  Learn exercises with a rotational component.

What's your favorite core exercise?

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