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Circuit Training with Brian: Part 3

endurance strength training training log Mar 09, 2011

This will sadly be the last in the series of circuit training with Brian. It's been a nice change of pace but it's time to get back to my more normal lifting routine.

Exercises were paired.  We did 40s of work followed by 20s rest for each exercise. Each pair was done three times.  80s rest between pairs.

pair 1

  • assisted pullups
  • bodyweight squats

pair 2

  • assisted dips
  • side lunge (bodyweight)

pair 3

  • pushups
  • don't know the right name but it was kinda like figure eights

pair 4

This circuit was challenging.  Pair three was nearly impossible for me.  I went to complete failure on the pushups even though I was starting out on my knees.  Brian ended up on his knees (though he wouldn't want me to tell you that).  And as you can imagine, the lung jumps as the last exercise was  a lot of fun.

This workout takes about 30 minutes.


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