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Swagger on! Olympic lifting update olympic lifts

Learning the Olympic lifts has been going exceedingly well.  I have overcome the initial awkwardness of practicing my explosive lifts in the gym.   Even better, I am LOVING dumbbell snatches!  Now the more people looking at me funny, the better.   I know what I'm doing, and I... more!
Olympic lifts and lucky finds! medicine ball throws olympic lifts strength training training log

Olympic lifting practice went much better today.  Not feeling quite so awkward with my dumbbell snatches and I didn't notice anyone looking at me funny.

My practice was helped by this crazy thing I found last week:

It was lying in the back yard of my brother's rental property and I happened... more!
Future Topics: January jump rope training olympic lifts program planning

I hope for this blog to be a good mix of theory and practice.  In addition to talking a little bit about what I'm doing each day, I'll be posting about strength and conditioning theory.  What I choose to talk about will be influenced by what's currently in my training schedule.

... more!