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Circuit Training with Brian: Part 2 endurance strength training training log

Brian, my circuit training partner

Meet Brian.  He's one of several MMA dudes who goes to my gym. I recruited Brian to help me get through a month of circuit training.

I recruited Brian because I noticed he uses circuit training fairly regularly.  While I have a few circuits I use, in... more!
No, I am not doing Crossfit! endurance strength training training principles

Ok people let's clear this up.  Crossfit did not invent high intensity intervals, circuit training, or kettle bell swings.  Crossfit did invent a highly successful brand and franchise.  So successful in fact, that the last two times Brian and I have done circuit training someone... more!
Circuit training with Brian endurance strength training

Yesterday I decided to do circuit training with Brian, one of the MMA dudes at the gym.

I usually train alone  and I've gotten used to doing it this way.  Now when I try to train with partners I sometimes find them to be more of a hindrance then a help.  That's not always true, but... more!
Circuit training as an indoor workout strength endurance strength training

About two weeks ago I finished up my phase which was focusing on Olympic lifts.  Later in the year I'd like to do another round of Olympic lifting under supervision and move more weight.

This month I'm changing my training emphasis toward building up some work capacity with circuit... more!
Tim Morrill teaches the basics: Volume vs Intensity strength training tim morrill

The winter issue of the USA Ultimate Magazine will be hitting your mailboxes sometime this week.

In part four of Above the Competition I had a blast presenting readers with some basic concepts in weight training.

One very simple concept that I introduce in the article is the inverse relationship... more!
Olympic lifts and lucky finds! medicine ball throws olympic lifts strength training training log

Olympic lifting practice went much better today.  Not feeling quite so awkward with my dumbbell snatches and I didn't notice anyone looking at me funny.

My practice was helped by this crazy thing I found last week:

It was lying in the back yard of my brother's rental property and I happened... more!