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Circuit Training with Brian: Part 2 endurance strength training training log

Brian, my circuit training partner

Meet Brian.  He's one of several MMA dudes who goes to my gym. I recruited Brian to help me get through a month of circuit training.

I recruited Brian because I noticed he uses circuit training fairly regularly.  While I have a few circuits I use, in... more!
No, I am not doing Crossfit! endurance strength training training principles

Ok people let's clear this up.  Crossfit did not invent high intensity intervals, circuit training, or kettle bell swings.  Crossfit did invent a highly successful brand and franchise.  So successful in fact, that the last two times Brian and I have done circuit training someone... more!
Circuit training with Brian endurance strength training

Yesterday I decided to do circuit training with Brian, one of the MMA dudes at the gym.

I usually train alone  and I've gotten used to doing it this way.  Now when I try to train with partners I sometimes find them to be more of a hindrance then a help.  That's not always true, but... more!
Interval Training for Cardiovascular Fitness. Part III: Three interval protocols I’ve used successfully cross training endurance frisbee ultimate

To understand the purpose of aerobic interval training and my opinions on it (like seriously, why is this chick walking all the time?) please see Part I: What is it?  Why do it? and Part II: Planning your Interval Program.

A brief overview

These interval protocols should be primarily... more!
Interval Training for Cardiovascular Fitness. Part II: Planning your interval program endurance interval training

Four things to think about when planning your interval training

1. Keep it simple

Even if 15s work 15s recovery would be the best method, this type of workout may be difficult to execute. This is especially true if you are training by yourself or running on roads versus the track. The most... more!
Interval Training for Cardiovascular Fitness. Part I: What is it? Why do it? cardiovascular fitness endurance interval training

I have decided to time my mile as part of my fitness testing.  In the past I have done a six minute test.  The six minute test is simply seeing how far you can run in six minutes.  Either process is not pleasant.  So why do it?

The speed at which you can maintain a pace for... more!