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Wednesday: core, plyos, strength, lateral conditioning training log

Wednesday was a complete workout with several training components:

I went straight to the gym from the high school team's practice, so no dynamic warmup was necessary.

Things to note:  strength training is becoming shorter and focused only on the essentials. Unlike last week I got an extra... more!
Mental Toughness: Bored to Banshee in 15 Seconds or Less speed training log

I did my typical sprint workout on Tuesday as follows:  linear plyos, sprinters starts, 40 yard sprints with complete recovery.  My workout was done on grass in cleats.  Sprints were on a slight incline.

Unlike previous speed days, I wasn't doing pulling practice between... more!
The day after: What to do post-tournament training log

This past weekend I was at the Beth Coltman Memorial tournament and many of you were most likely at Conferences.  What should an athlete do the day after an event as grueling as a two day tournament?

You may be tempted to lie on the couch and eat ice cream (ok, I'm tempted to do that every... more!
Monday and Tuesday workouts training log


Beautiful day out!  76 degrees and breezy.  Couldn't miss the opportunity to get in a good throwing practice.

Part 1 : introductory plyos

(10 minutes)

Same plyo work as last week

Part 2:  throwing practice

(60 minutes)

  • Worked on being quick but not hurried with fakes.
  • ... more!
Friday's complete workout: putting training components in order core strength plyometrics strength training training log training principles

I don't post the details of every workout I do on this blog because that would get very boring very quickly.  However, Friday's training session is a good example of how to incorporate different components of training into one workout session in a logical order so I'll post it in full.

As... more!
Lateral Movement Introductory Plyos agility training log

In my training at least half of my sessions emphasize lateral and multidirectional movement. In a multi-sprint sport with a lot of sharp cutting, if you're only training in a straight line you're setting yourself up for injury at worst or sub-optimal performance at best.  I apply this... more!