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Pre-throwing warm-up exercises

Hopefully all of your workouts and practices are preceded by a warm-up.

Some warm-up exercises I use before throwing practice

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Plyometrics: Update and Equipment Options plyometrics

I'm in the middle of a phase of introductory plyometrics.   I have 2 linear and 2 lateral days of plyos per weeks.  Each session involves 33 ground contacts for a total of 132 ground contacts per week.


In the first phase of plyometrics I was focused only on jumping... more!
Wednesday: core, plyos, strength, lateral conditioning training log

Wednesday was a complete workout with several training components:

I went straight to the gym from the high school team's practice, so no dynamic warmup was necessary.

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Lateral Movement Workouts: the Secret of my Success agility endurance training principles

About a week ago I promised to tell you the five biggest changes I made to my training program last year.    You can read all about those five changes that revolutionized my training on Skyd magazine.


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Mental Toughness: Bored to Banshee in 15 Seconds or Less speed training log

I did my typical sprint workout on Tuesday as follows:  linear plyos, sprinters starts, 40 yard sprints with complete recovery.  My workout was done on grass in cleats.  Sprints were on a slight incline.

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The day after: What to do post-tournament training log

This past weekend I was at the Beth Coltman Memorial tournament and many of you were most likely at Conferences.  What should an athlete do the day after an event as grueling as a two day tournament?

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