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Complete Multidirectional Movement Workout endurance training log

Leading up to sectionals I was having some problems with my hamstring wanting to seize up every time I would sprint more than about 15 yards.  Fortunately, I rarely have to do that on the ultimate field as a handler.  Unfortunately, this made my workouts leading up to sectionals a... more!
Lateral Movement Workout

This post is an updated my previous post about my favorite lateral movement workout.  In that video I briefly explained the workout and did a short demo.


What follows is the exact version of the lateral movement workout I did this week:

I did three exercises in a circuit:

  1. skater hops... more!
How talking about plyometrics is like talking to teenagers about sex plyometrics

This will be my tenth post on the blog that mentions plyometrics. Every time I post about plyos, I wonder if it's the right thing to do. I feel a bit uncomfortable. Are people going to follow my advice or just be encouraged to do plyometrics with reckless abandon? This argument in my head sounds... more!
Sample Plyometric Workout 2 plyometrics training log

First things first: do NOT blindly copy this workout!  Please read Plyometrics: Three Mistakes that Increase Your Risk of Injury before starting any plyo program.  This workout is presented for informational purposes only.


Before doing a plyometric workout, I do a thorough... more!
Top Five Posts June-August uncategorized

Since you guys enjoyed the Top Five Posts from my six month anniversary I figured why wait another six months.  Here are the Top Five posts from the past three months:


Top Five Posts on Melissa's Ultimate Fitness

June through August according to pageviews

5.  Inspiration is for... more!
Mini-vacation on the Chuck Keiper Trail uncategorized

Just a warning:  this Post has absolutely nothing to do with ultimate.

I just got home last night from a long weekend in the woods on the Chuck Keiper trail.  I know many ultimate players share my love of backpacking so I thought I'd just post a few pics.  I was on the trail 4... more!