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Perfecting Your Program Design: 3 Part Video Series

So I'm back in the US where I recently enjoyed both Christmas and the flu (one was a lot more fun than the other).  And I've also been working hard getting The Ultimate Athlete Project ready for a new round of members.  We're opening Monday!!!

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Observations on Colombian Ultimate Part 2:

Last week I posted some general impressions of the athletes and teams at Colombian Nationals.  This week I want to add some more observations on the national organization and some of the challenges facing ultimate in Colombia as the sport grows at an uncontrollable pace.

AJUC and... more!
Observations on Colombian Ultimate Part 1: Nationals

Last weekend I had the pleasure of watching Colombian Nationals.   Like you, I have not had much exposure to Colombian ultimate.  I'd seen one of the PanAm Games vs Sockeye online and I'd played with the women's team AeroSoul at the US Open.   I was excited to see Mamoots make... more!
Back from Texas, moving to Colombia

Just got back from my visit with the Janzen brothers in San Antonio.  I didn't go to San Antonio with a specific agenda but my visit was super-productive.

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Is Your Rib Cage Flaring? Form and Function with Phil Janzen

Just got back from my visit with the Janzen brothers in San Antonio.  Over the week of my visit we had plenty of time to talk about training, program design, and ultimate.

I knew Alan from working with him on Skyd Magazine Expert Panels but this was the first time I'd met his brother... more!
Alan Janzen: rotational scoop toss for throwing power power

This week I'm visiting Alan Janzen and his brother Phil at Explosive Sports Performance in San Antonio Texas.  You will hopefully recognize Alan from Skyd Magazine's Expert Panel and his much commented upon Strength Training for Ultimate series.  Alan, Tim Morrill, and I... more!