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Strength Training: Getting started and getting help strength training

Many ultimate players are entering the weight room for the first time this off-season.  You should not be afraid of the weight room.   It is a very safe place if you use common sense AND know how to do the basics properly.   I strongly advise anyone entering the weight room for the... more!
Interval Training for Cardiovascular Fitness. Part III: Three interval protocols I’ve used successfully cross training endurance frisbee ultimate

To understand the purpose of aerobic interval training and my opinions on it (like seriously, why is this chick walking all the time?) please see Part I: What is it?  Why do it? and Part II: Planning your Interval Program.

A brief overview

These interval protocols should be primarily... more!
testing: 300m fitness testing power endurance speed endurance testing

Today I finally got around to doing my 300 m test.  Why would you want to do a 300 m test?  As I've previously discussed, the 300 m sprint test is a good test of power endurance.

The last time I performed this test was in March.  I distinctly remember feeling like I was going to... more!
Nine non-obvious gift ideas for the ultimate player in your life books

When the person in question already owns a disc, Ultimate Techniques and TacticsNike Mercurial Vapors, and the latest UltiVillage DVD what is a smart shopper to do?  What follows is a list of ultimate gifts you might not have thought about.


I cannot recommend these... more!
Don't wait to lose the weight! off season weight loss

Many players rely on in season training to take them to their In-season weight.  While this may work, it may not be the most healthy option for your body.  As you get closer to your competitive season you will be asking a lot from your body.  You'll most likely be doing more... more!
Begin your workout with a core circuit abdominals core core circuit core training frisbee ultimate

Today after I practiced my mad jump rope skills I began my workout with a core circuit.

Because core strength is so important, I place it at the front of the workout.  I like the added benefit of being able to "feel" what my core is doing when I do a sprint workout following a core... more!