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putting the disc away (for now)

I have finally reached my limit. I am DONE touching the disc until winter league.  I thought it was odd that I wasn't sick of playing ultimate when the season ended. Turns out the feeling was delayed by a month but I didn't escape it.  I continued to think that each event would be my... more!
A trial run for permanent change

One year ago today I was 20 pounds overweight and afraid that my days of playing competitive ultimate were over.  I hadn't been successful in making the top level ultimate teams in the area when I had moved here several years ago and now I was 32 years old.

One year ago today I woke up and... more!
strength training: leg workout one legged strength strength training

Today I did a moderate intensity lower body workout.  A moderate intensity strength training session involves doing sets of 8-10RM.  Rest between sets was less than 2 minutes.  For most of the exercises I performed 3 sets.  You may recognize some of theses exercises from the ... more!
Multidirectional Movement

Because of my sore calves my weight room session consisted of only upper body exercises today.

For endurance training I went outside and decided to play around with some multidirectional movement interspersed with running.  I performed this workout on grass in cleats.  My workout was... more!
Calves are sore and I don’t know why calves

Saturday I took the day off and today was the last game for the CPUC Lancaster fall league.  Occasionally I will still get DOMS from a very hard lifting session, but I do not get sore immediately following workout--except for today.  My calves were burning after the game.  I... more!
My favorite intervals endurance intervals work capacity

Tonight I did my favorite interval workout which consists of 20 seconds at about 80-85% of a sprint followed by 40 seconds of walking.  I used this type of workout a lot last season when I was getting back into shape.  I started at ten reps and worked my way up to twenty.  This may... more!