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How to get it all done: your in season training plan training log

Program planning in the off season is relatively easy. You can choose a training emphasis, go to the gym on a regular basis, plan your training with adequate recovery, and make steady progress.

In season it's all too easy for plans to go awry. Training and recovery now have to consider... more!
Proper Progression in Plyos: Stick the Landing plyometrics

I finally bought myself a camera. Hopefully this mean more video demos to come...

I've been promising to talk about plyos and agility drills for awhile now.
So first up:

An intro to plyometrics

Players tend to injure themselves in plyometric programs by committing one of to two basic mistakes.... more!
First Attempt at the Serpentine Agility Test fitness testing

Last week I put myself and a few Central PA summer league friends through the serpentine agility test.

The test was easy to set up and easy to run. It's an ideal pre-summer league test. Players get warmed up for their game, the test doesn't take long, and players get to encourage each other as... more!
Fitness Testing May: t-test, 40, sprint fatigue fitness testing

This is the list of the fitness tests I’ve be using to measure my progress:

1. timed mile
2. 30 m sprint fatigue test
3. t test
4. 40 yard sprint time
5. 300 meter sprint time
6. standing vertical

I've previously discussed my rationale for each test.

Recently, I did the t-test, 40 m sprint, and... more!
Two fave functional strength exercises for legs strength training

Adductors and abductors are important for balance and to help with your lateral motion.  Machines such as the one below were invented to help you isolate and work these muscles.

yes, this is as silly as it looks


I'm a huge fan of lateral movement conditioning but isolating your... more!
Inspiration is for Amateurs training log

In my most recent post I admitted to feeling disappointing in how this season is shaping up.  I admitted it has affected my motivation.  I admit that I still feel a little dazed and confused- not sure who or what I'm training for.  I cannot, however, admit to missing a... more!