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Top Five Ultimate Blogs

For the purpose of this list, I am defining "blog" as a single-author site that has been updated at least 3 times in 2011.

Top Five Ultimate Blogs

These are the main ultimate blogs I read listed in alphabetical order:

  1. Parinella's Blog - Why wouldn't you read the blog of the guy who wrote the... more!
Top Five Posts According to You!

Yesterday I shared the top five posts I recommend you all read from this blog.  But what do I know?

Today we'll look at the

Top Five Posts According to You Guys

determined by pageviews since December 1

Check 'em out if you missed them!

5. Interval Training for Cardiovascular Fitness. Part... more!
Top Five Posts on Melissa's Ultimate Fitness training principles

Hello All,

This month is the six month anniversary of! Thank you ALL so much for reading, subscribing, and commenting.  I started this blog as an experiment.  My goals was to make it through blogging about one year of training.  I'm halfway there and... more!
Go for a hike! training log

For those of you following me regularly, I'm happy to report that I performed much better at this weekend's tryouts than last weekend.  Overall I felt more intense and ready to roll.  What was different?  I made more of an effort to ease up on my training in the second half of last... more!
Waiting on Perfection (of the Ninja variety) plyometrics training principles

So I was doing my zig-zag Heiden and stick tonight as part of my lateral plyo module and something clicked.  I landed like a ninja. An explosive, silent, and perfectly one legged balanced killer.  Thrilling!

My first lateral plyo post was April 6th.  At that point I was very... more!
Reevaluating Training Choices: Speed Training yes or no? speed

Tryouts were this weekend

Overall I was a little disappointed in my athletic performance.  I was not feeling as quick and explosive as I would have liked.  I'm not sure if this was a mental issue and I just didn't bring my A-game.   Or it may have been a physical issue. Maybe I... more!