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Learning something new: jump rope training

The early Off-season is a great time of year to learn new training methods and techniques.  While the desire for results is less urgent, you can focus on form and technique.

From the posts appearing on RSD it seems that many players will be venturing into the weight room for the first... more!
Interval Training for Cardiovascular Fitness. Part II: Planning your interval program endurance interval training

Four things to think about when planning your interval training

1. Keep it simple

Even if 15s work 15s recovery would be the best method, this type of workout may be difficult to execute. This is especially true if you are training by yourself or running on roads versus the track. The most... more!
leg strength: pistols and SLDLs

Tonight I went heavy on the legs.  I am most happy about doing single leg pistol squats.  I could do three sets of 4 using 5 lbs dumbbells in each hand (more to help balance than to add resistance).  Pistol squats are the most difficult of the single leg exercises.  I did not... more!

Ok.  So after being partially gimped by my weak calves and totally knocked out by a bad cold last week, I am ready to begin again.

This may, in fact all be for the best.  After Regionals I jumped in too fast, tried to pick up my training where I left off, and that was a mistake.  I... more!
Interval Training for Cardiovascular Fitness. Part I: What is it? Why do it? cardiovascular fitness endurance interval training

I have decided to time my mile as part of my fitness testing.  In the past I have done a six minute test.  The six minute test is simply seeing how far you can run in six minutes.  Either process is not pleasant.  So why do it?

The speed at which you can maintain a pace for... more!

Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat.  Since beginning this blog I've been waylaid by sore calves and now illness.  It's November so this is not devastating, just irritating.  While my personal training log may be sparse for a few days, I'll be posting more about the theory... more!