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Fitness testing in the bleak midwinter: T-test, 40, and sprint fatigue fitness testing sprint fatigue test t test

Today I braved the cold to repeat the T-test and the sprint fatigue test.   Testing conditions were not ideal.  The temperature was around 36 degrees and by the time we were done with the sprint fatigue test, it was nearly dark.  The ground was not frozen, but it... more!
Olympic lifts and lucky finds! medicine ball throws olympic lifts strength training training log

Olympic lifting practice went much better today.  Not feeling quite so awkward with my dumbbell snatches and I didn't notice anyone looking at me funny.

My practice was helped by this crazy thing I found last week:

It was lying in the back yard of my brother's rental property and I happened... more!
strength training: upper body workout one arm strength training upper body

In looking over my posts, I see that I have never mentioned upper body strength training.  This accurately reflects my bias.  I believe lower body one legged strength and core strength are most important.  I do upper body work as well, but it is not my main focus.

Below is the... more!
Timed Mile: Jan 2010 fitness testing timed mile

Today I repeated my timed mile test.  Looking at my previous test in November, I'm a little embarrassed!  I said I'd be working on my endurance.  In truth, I've been writing about interval training more often than actually doing it.  I've been a lot more focused on basic... more!
Learning Olympic Lifts: Modifications and general awkwardness

Learning is a little messy

For the past six weeks or so, I've been focused on general strength and increasing my work capacity.  That was pretty straight forward.  My next phase is a learning phase in which I want to learn about Olympic-style lifting and jump rope training.  I... more!
Future Topics: January jump rope training olympic lifts program planning

I hope for this blog to be a good mix of theory and practice.  In addition to talking a little bit about what I'm doing each day, I'll be posting about strength and conditioning theory.  What I choose to talk about will be influenced by what's currently in my training schedule.

... more!