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Two Shuttle Run Workout Options endurance

This season shuttle runs have become a staple of my conditioning routine.

Though I still love tempo intervals, shuttle runs involve changes of direction which make them slightly more sport specific than traditional track workouts.

You can get endless variety out of shuttle run workouts by varying... more!

Hey all! Just a quick note to update you on my season.

Last week I officially joined a team!

I'll be playing with Renegade, a coed team from DC.  Last year they lost in the game to go to nationals.  This year we're looking to get the job done.

I had been to a few practice earlier in the... more!
Sample plyometric workout plyometrics training log

Before doing a plyometric workout, do a thorough dynamic warmup.  I also do prancing, galloping, pogos as excellent pre-plyo warm up exercises.


The Workout

1.  Squat Jumps

Multiple jumps with the aim of max height and minimal ground contact time.


2 sets 5 reps

2. ... more!
Plyometrics: three mistakes that increase your risk of injury plyometrics

Mistake number 1:  Skipping the prerequisites

Plyometric training shouldn't be done in isolation, but as part of a complete training program that includes strength training.  You don't need to be able to squat a certain amount, but you do need to have a basic level of... more!
How to Maintain and Build Strength in-Season in Two Hours or Less strength training

The most difficult part of in-season training is keeping up with strength training.  Team practices, throwing practice, and league games are higher priority activities at this time of year.  And they should be.  There's no point to being an excellent athlete if you have no... more!
Proper Progression in Plyos: box jumps plyometrics


These drills separate jumping into its separate components, the up part, and the down part.

The key to both of these drills is landing with your knees no more bent than when you took off.


First:  jumping up onto an object

The value of jumping onto objects is that is minimizes... more!