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Jump rope training update jump rope training

Since mid December I've been experimenting with jump rope training.  The first week I really just practiced jump roping and did other things for cardio. Slowly I increased the amount of jump rope training I was doing.

I am now using jumping rope as a conditioning workout three times per... more!
Matt Mackey: on Deloading, Tapering, and Peaking in Season in season training peaking

I swam in high school. Practices were grueling; 6 days a week with hours of technique work and long workouts with little rest. I thought about quitting more than once.

But there was always that light at the end of the tunnel to look forward to - because all of that work culminated each year with... more!
Sample Core Circuit 3 core circuit training log

Today's core circuit

Three times through the following: more!
Swagger on! Olympic lifting update olympic lifts

Learning the Olympic lifts has been going exceedingly well.  I have overcome the initial awkwardness of practicing my explosive lifts in the gym.   Even better, I am LOVING dumbbell snatches!  Now the more people looking at me funny, the better.   I know what I'm doing, and I... more!
Getting Ready for Winter League!

Winter league is two weeks away.  Soon, I will categorize all days of the week as days-that-are-Thursday and days-that- are-not-Thursday.

Since it's gotten cold here in Lancaster PA I haven't been doing much cardiovascular work.  This doesn't worry me as much as the fact that I haven't... more!
Sample core circuit 2

Today's core circuit

I don't have any one core routine that I follow day in and day out.  Instead, I usually pick my core exercises when I walk into the gym.  From my repertoire I pick some exercises for stability and some for movement.  I choose something for the lower abdominals,... more!