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Vertical Jump Testing: Courtesy of Colin McIntyre fitness testing

Last time Colin McIntyre was visiting the Philly area he brought me this crazy contraption:

vertical jump tester

Yes, it is a finely hand crafted vertical jump tester!

Here is what Colin has to say about why he did it and where he got some ideas for how to make it:

I met Tim Morrill at the... more!
Calf Catastrophe uncategorized

During Tim's visit a few weeks ago I had another episode with my calves. We played indoor pickup on Saturday morning.  I felt great until Sunday morning when I woke up and my calves were so sore I couldn't walk normally.

Was it because of the strange surface of the church gym's floor? ... more!
Circuit Training with Brian: Part 2 endurance strength training training log

Brian, my circuit training partner

Meet Brian.  He's one of several MMA dudes who goes to my gym. I recruited Brian to help me get through a month of circuit training.

I recruited Brian because I noticed he uses circuit training fairly regularly.  While I have a few circuits I use, in... more!
Visit from Tim Morrill: strengths, weaknesses, athletes, and ice cream uncategorized

I first emailed Tim in early December to ask about the performance testing he did at Nationals.  I knew we were going to be good friends when Tim said of ultimate players, "It's just a matter of making the athletes realize that they are athletes and they must train like athletes."

Until... more!
Weather, Equipment, and Time Restrictions uncategorized

It's time for Skyd Magazine's, Building the Ultimate Athlete: Expert Panel.  This month our topic is Weather, Equipment, and Time Restriction.

Snowed it?  Want to do some of the workouts I've talked about but don't have the same equipment?  Has your work schedule wreaked havoc on... more!
No, I am not doing Crossfit! endurance strength training training principles

Ok people let's clear this up.  Crossfit did not invent high intensity intervals, circuit training, or kettle bell swings.  Crossfit did invent a highly successful brand and franchise.  So successful in fact, that the last two times Brian and I have done circuit training someone... more!